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How I got into reading tarot cards for self-care

I thought my journey into the metaphysical world stopped and ended with astrology. I wasn't into visiting mediums or exploring anything beyond that. I was a skeptic, my moon sign is a Capricorn, so I trust nothing unless proven otherwise.

First encounter with a medium

I was having one of those days again, and I found myself in the mall shopping my feelings away. The back story is that I was falling quickly in love with a guy (which I rarely do, I'm the type that doesn't fall easily, but when I do it's suddenly) and had the shock of the century. I found out he was engaged.

So, I was in the mall, shopping my feelings away, filled with so much sorrow. In the middle of my depressive shop fest, a medium approaches me. She stops me and says, "Please give me a call. I can feel your energy. You are normally a positive person, but you have a negative relationship that is holding you down." I look at her shook but a little relieved, because she described exactly how I was feeling. I take her card, but I brush it off as a coincidence and I know deep down, I’m not giving her no call.

That moment ends up reenacting a memory about mediums. In this book I read by Mary B. Morrison, Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This, the main character was approached by a medium about his relationship. At the end of the book, the author discusses her beliefs about mediums, she believed that you should only see a psychic when you are approached by one. For some reason, that rule was always embedded in my mind, and years later, I discovered why.

More Signs & Coincidences

A couple of months passed by, and my depression and my anxiety got worse. It wasn't just relationships and my love life, it was now my future and decisions about my career path.

On the way home from school, I'd pass by a spot called the Psychic Eye. I kept thinking, "I should go, I was approached by one. And I keep passing by this one every day." But that's what I kept doing, just passing by and keeping it as an afterthought. I figured if it was really meant to be, I'd see another sign. So, I finally did.

The day I finally decided to see a psychic was another day at my sanctuary, the new age section at Barnes & Noble. I was having trouble figuring out my major and after browsing through the college resources, I went to the new age section and picked up the Daily Horoscope book for my sun sign. I turn to today's daily horoscope, then notice a business card in there, and it's for a medium, the one I've been passing up every day. So that was all it took, my last and final sign. I was ready to go see a medium.


My first experience was great and terrible at the same time

That same day I called the Psychic Eye and made an appointment. The day of my appointment, I get there, and I'm a mess, crying my eyes out, and I ask for a reading. She tells me everything I've been feeling, without me giving any information to her (remember, I'm a skeptical rising Scorpio who trusts nothing). Seeing a medium felt like therapy for me. She reassured me that although I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, I actually did. I was just afraid to make those scary decisions. It felt reassuring, and I felt relieved.

Unfortunately, after that great reading, she tried to con me out of $500 to buy a candle to release a curse. She claimed I was cursed when it came to love, and this curse dates back to my mom. Soooo, after that, I was pretty much done. It was a good session because she read me well, but I was afraid to ever see another medium again in fear that they'd tried to con me after my reading. And I was good.


Third Signs a Charm

A few months later, I got the most random Facebook message. My best friend from elementary school messaged me and told me she had a dream about me. In her dream, she was told to tell me to go visit her psychic. I was in fucking awe. I haven't spoken to this girl in probably over 10 years, and she randomly had a dream about me telling me to go to her psychic. So, I very fucking well went to her psychic. I couldn't turn down another sign.

So I went to a place called Planet Earth Rising, and it was an amazing session. It was refreshing. She didn't try to scam me. Not only was she a medium, she was a life coach. So it was like therapy for me. I went to Tasha for grief therapy after my Father passed away, and it was reassuring to know that he was always watching over me and guiding me. Seeing her helped me make decisions and decipher the best choices for me.

Going to a medium wasn't really cheap for me, I only had so much money to spend on psychics and the drive was about 45 minutes from my house. So I rarely went to see a medium, I only went when I was on the brink of something and needed that therapy session. Even though my medium was on the cheap side, it wasn't an expense I could quite afford frequently.

Mission Accomplished?

So, throughout all those issues in my love life and career, everything turned out fine. I finished school, found my career right after I graduated, met a guy, got married, and built a family, but there was still this sense of something missing. I had this strong urge to throw my career away. The eight years I've spent in college, the five years I spent at a company building it and working my way up, I wanted to throw it all away. I was unhappy, confused, and afraid. I had this strong feeling that my path to becoming a creative director, really wasn't my calling anymore. And I couldn't ignore it, after all, I’ve always followed my intuition, and it’s led me to the most amazing places and has always been right, so I couldn't ignore it. I needed answers.

Kundalini Awakening

That day I went to the Sunlight of Spirit near my job. I couldn't get to Folsom, and my medium was no longer doing any readings. So, I tried to find a reader I could resonate with. I came across a medium and tarot reader named April. She was young and black like myself, and I've had some great readers, and they were great, but I never felt comfortable with them. Looking at April, she made me feel like I felt like I could open up to her, and she could understand me.

The day I met up with April was such a rush and blur for me. She told me the feelings I was having were on the right path, and she could see my third eye opening up. She gave me my first tarot reading and told me I was going through this turmoil because I was having a kundalini awakening. She told me I needed to channel my divine feminine power. I had no idea what that was, so I wrote down everything she told me and googled.


After all my research, I felt like this was the answer to everything I was going through. After reading, I began to think about it, and asked myself if I could do my own readings with tarot cards. After all, we are all intuitive. We just have to learn how to channel and trust it. A few days later after my reading, one of my friends told me she would pull and read her own cards, she said she would just google the meaning and try to decipher from there. So I decided to try it out myself, I found these amazing cards from The Hood Witch, they were from Serpentfire, and her decks just spoke out to me. Something about how beautiful they were, and the style of design, just resonated with me. I found a deck for beginners and purchased my very first deck.

Self taught tarot queen

After the fifth reading, I believed. It felt right. I stopped being skeptical and began to learn more about the cards. I would pull a typical three-card spread and use Biddy Tarot and Google as my resource. I took classes to learn the basics of tarot reading and read for my friends and family for fun. Slowly but surely, I had friends of friends reach out for readings, and I wanted to improve for them and myself, so I ended up completing a course on tarot reading.

So, here I am now. I love helping people find the answers they are seeking and their path. It really makes me feel complete and as if I’m on the right journey.

If you are interested in teaching yourself how to read cards, here are some resources. You can also follow us on Instagram, I’ll frequently share resources and some new books I currently have on the way! If you have any questions feel free to ask below.

Tarot Resources for Beginners

Favorite Tarot Decks

Modern Witch Tarot Deck

This is the second deck I bought, but honestly I wish it was the first. The symbolism from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck has a modern and diverse take on it. This is a great beginner deck that comes with a guide book.

Serpentfire Tarot Deck

I love her decks. They are beautifully designed, and it’s just a favorite of mine. The guidebook alone was really great. This was my beginning deck, so it was a bit hard to interpret without the guidebook for me, but I believe it’s still a great deck to own, I would maybe start with the Modern Witch deck first, but that’s just a suggestion.


Biddy Tarot

This is my go to resource, it’s really accurate and a great place to start for beginners. I’ve also took one of her courses. You can also download this quick reference printable, I love referring to when I need quick and simple key terms.

Tarot for New Seekers E-Book

Another great resource to add to your collection. I really liked the spreads she included in this e-book. I actually use the partner’s spread that is mentioned in this e-book. It’s one of my favorite readings for people in relationships.


Tarot 101 with Biddy Tarot

This is a great starter class for me. If I could go back, I’d probably have done the UDemy class with Sal first, but this class was a lot less of a time commitment for me and taught me the basics of Tarot. Biddy Tarot offers many more other courses and classes, but I didn’t want to pay that much for the courses, so I researched the best Tarot classes and came across Sal’s class below.

Card Success - The Complete Tarot Reading Course with Sal Jade

This class taught me so much and helped me grow as a reader. The downside to this is she doesn’t teach the reserve side of the cards, but if you want to be more intuitive and remember what the card meanings are then this class is for you. It was 10 hours, but after taking it, I felt so much more confident as a tarot reader.

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