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Why I started using astrology in my daily life and resources to help you begin your astrology journey.

The first memory I have reading astrology books was kind of a sad and pathetic day.

I was 16 years old, at the mall waiting for my boyfriend to meet me there. My parents were pretty strict, so I didn't get out too often, so I worked a lot to just get out of the house, and when I got off work early, I didn't call them- I just explored the world. So, that day I planned to meet my boyfriend at the mall so we could hang out. The only problem is that he didn't show up within two hours of walking around the mall.

How I got into astrology

I did probably two laps around the mall and finally decided to head to the bookstore. I'm not sure what drew me to the new age section, but I found this astrology book based on relationships and capability. I looked up our birthdates to see if we were going to be a love match. And we were. He was a Leo sun sign, and I was a Sagittarius. I dug more into the astrology books to waste more time, after two hours I knew he wasn't coming but my mom wouldn't be here to pick me up for another three hours. So I read about my sun sign, learned about love and astrology. For the next few years, whenever I felt lost, needed answers, or just a place to escape, you could find me in the new age section of Barnes and Noble. It was my happy place.

Lemme back up, and share with you what astrology is first.

Astrology is the ancient science of interpreting what influence the movements of the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies may have on our lives. Astrology isn’t predestination or fate, but simply a study of cycles.

By understanding our birth chart we will discover areas of opportunity, luck, and expansion, and you’ll keep an eye out on other areas of your chart where there might be constriction, challenge, or delay. When you pay attention to the astrology cycles you can triumph over obstacles and seize golden opportunities to reach maximum success. In my daily life, I like to use both tarot card readings and astrology.

Why and how I use astrology

What is astrology_.png

While I was in college, I was going through this period of not knowing what path to take in life, so I relied heavily on astrology. When I was dating, Bedazzled was my bible. I used it to help me understand the men I was dating and even the past guys I've dated. Astrology has helped me discover who I am, my past, and the path I am destined to take. I learned all this by discovering my birth chart. One of my favorite aspects to study was my north and south node because it teaches you about your past and present.

Lunar Nodes Exercise

Interested in looking into your lunar nodes? First look up your birth chart, then your chart will tell you where you south and north nodes are. Then google away ‘sign + north node’ and do your research, you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Interested in discovering your lunar nodes?

  1. Look up your birth chart for free on Cafe Astrology. You’ll need the date, time and location of your birth.

  2. Pull your report and under ‘Zodiac: Topical’ you’ll see ‘N Node’ and next to it will be a sign. That will be your north node.

  3. Now if you know your north node, your south node will be the opposite. So what I do is google ‘your sign + north node’ then look through the astrology articles. Personally, I’ve read about my nodes on and astrology arena.

And enjoy, you've done your first research into your birth chart. That’s pretty much how I research my own birth chart. Googling aspects and houses and reading up on them.

I’ve spent about 20 years studying astrology as a hobby so if you’re interested I’m going to share some of my favorite resources. Most of them are free, but some cost, but were worth it for me.

Astrology Resources

Cafe Astrology

Free birth chart reports, not super in-depth but at least you’ll get the info you need so you can do your own research if you’d like.

Ron Ray Columbo

He’s a spiritual counselor that offers birth chart reports, plus more. I had a report done by him and it was about 35-40 pages. I learned so much about myself and future transits I was going to face.

Astrology Zone

I patiently wait for Susan Miller’s monthly horoscopes every month. I’ve also bought her e-book A Year Ahead which I’ve used to plot out the year. She also offers daily horoscopes on her app along with more detailed horoscopes, if you are interested but I prefer the free monthly reports. She also has some astrology basics on her site to help you dive more into astrology and learn about retrogrades, new moons, and houses.

The DailyHoroscope

This app is freakishly on point, and it’s one of my favorites. I read the daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes. They also feature the Chinese zodiac, but I haven’t done much research into that to be honest.

The Pattern

It’s not technically an astrology app but it goes by your birth chart, so it is to me. If you’re into self-discovery this app is for you, also it is a great compatibility app for friends- especially partners or future partners if you can get their birth info. This app really helps you understand yourself and others better.


I love this new app! I think this is great for beginners, it’ll help you understand your sun, moon, rising, and houses in simple and straightforward terms. You also get daily horoscopes, that I believe are pretty tailored to you if you enter your birth chart info. They also have in-depth astrology readings, I haven’t yet tried it but I will update when I do.

Astrology Arena

I wish Wayman was still doing natal chart readings, I had one done by him and it was so descriptive, probably the best I’ve ever had. Wayman knows his shit and shares his information. I search his site to research houses and different aspects, he also has e-books if you want to dig more into your birth chart. I highly recommend, his site is a great resource.

Mystic Mag

For more additional resources, check out Mystic Mag. They mentioned many of the resources here but also feature podcasts, books, online courses, webinars, and more!

Hope these resources help you on your journey!


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