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How to use the law of attraction to attract what you want, and less of what you don’t want.

Manifestation is a hot word; it's a vibe; it's what you do when you have a goal that you need to execute.

We love a manifesting king.

We love a manifesting king.

Have you ever noticed how you tend to manifest some negative shit to happen to you, too, along with the good? Well, that was me a few months ago, so I'm here to help you with some deliberate law of attraction because it's been changing my life for the better.

Okay, hold up C— what is the Law of Attraction?

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes what you need or want sometimes falls into place perfectly? It's the law of attraction. It could be bumping into someone you've been thinking about or meeting the perfect client or life partner. Or it can be bad, like attracting bad relationships.

A month or two ago, synchronicity came full circle once again if you are familiar with my last post. Call me lucky lefty if you must; I am a Rabbit and a lefty, so I guess that makes me Lady Luck.

Another medium approached me, who happened to be the friend who referred me to her medium a couple of years ago, and now she's a medium (so awesome)! She reached out and asked if she could give me a reading to connect with my Dad.

At the end of the reading, she asked if I was studying the law of attraction. I told her I was familiar with manifestation, but not the law of attraction. She told me to study it; she said it'll help make my businesses successful. At that moment, I needed to hear that since my monthly goal was for freelancing was sinking since COVID happened, and I was starting another business (FBH + Magick Shoppe). I was afraid of announcing it in fear that it wouldn't succeed, or would I be passionate enough to finish it. I've had a track record of businesses not succeeding due to me not pulling all the way through or it just not being a success. So starting yet another business was something I didn't want to share too publicly.

After she told me that I began reading Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't.

My favorite takeaways from this book was the talk about non-deliberate vs. deliberate law of attraction.

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How do I practice the law of attraction deliberately?

The law of attraction always matches your vibration, whether positive or negative. It's important to set deliberate energy, so you get the outcome you want.

By using deliberate energy, that means understanding the significance of your words. The words we think and use generate the vibration we send out. When we use the words, 'don't, not, and no' that still attracts what we don't want, because you are still sending that vibration out there.

But, how Sway?

If you say, "don't think of Obama," who do you think about? Obama. Your unconscious and conscious mind isn't paying attention to the words, ‘don't, not, and no’. Therefore, the law of attraction responds the same way your mind does when it hears what you don't want.

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Alright, how do I stop?

Each time you talk about what you don't want, at that moment you are giving it attention and energy. Instead, think about what you do want. And create a new sentence with new words.

For example:

Don't hesitate to call me.

Call me soon.

Don't panic.

Stay calm.

Don't forget.

Remember to.

I don't want my clients to cancel.

I want my clients to keep their appointment.

By doing deliberate manifestation, it can change your life. It's changed mine. Since I've been using deliberate manifestation, it's helped me get the clients I want and help me reached my financial goals for the past few months. The launch of the Magick Shoppe was a success, and my smudge candles have been a huge hit.

So, I hope me sharing this emplores you to do more studying into the law of attraction; manifestation can change your life. Deliberate manifestation is even more powerful.

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